Creating Customized Pet Portraits For An Everlasting Memory Of Your Favorite Pets 
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 What is Collage-A-Pet?

Turn your favorite photo of your beloved pet into a custom piece of art with Collage-A-Pet.  Each portrait is made from mixed media with high-end papers and paint to provide an artistic interpretation of your pet’s fur through unique patterns, colors, and textures.  Collage-A-Pet works from the customer’s photos to create a unique pet portrait that is paper based.

 What is Collage?

I use a technique of collage mixed media to create pet portraits that are made from paper. Chances are you have never seen anything like this before. Each collage is made from different papers with patterns, colors, and even textures that resemble your pet’s fur. I work from the customer’s photos to create a unique pet portrait that is paper based.  People who see a CollageAPet think it is a traditional painting until they get closer. Once they get close enough they automatically reach out to touch it in disbelief. I laugh and tell them to go ahead and feel the textures of the paper.

My art is meant to leave the viewer seeing something new every time they look at a CollageAPet. There will be details that will take a few times viewing it in order to absorb the full experience.

How long does it take to make a Collage-A-Pet?

Contact artist for current turn around time. Once your order is placed and payment received your order goes into the queue. Expedited orders are available for an additional fee. Please check out the "Upgrade" options.  

Can I send you REAL FUR?

I only use fuax fur. For hygiene reasons I can not except real pet fur. 

Are all Collage-A-Pets square?

Most Collage-A-Pets are square in composition and feature a close-up head shot unless the customer contacts Collage-A-Pet with other requests. Please email for any specific request.

Do you work from a photo or do I bring my pet to your studio?

All Collage-A-Pets are made from YOUR photos! I don't think any of our furry friends would want to sit still for that long! 

 What makes a good photo for your Collage-A-Pet?

Check List For Good Photos

  • In Focus
  • High Quality Photo
  • Pleasant Expression
  • Good Lighting
  • Eye-Level with Pet (not standing above the pet)
  • 3 or MORE Photos Submitted to                  


                   Bad Photos                                         Good Photos



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