How It Works

Each pet collage requires at least 36 steps.  Here you will learn some of how we hand craft each pet painting.

Pre Production

When we receive your order, our first step is to follow up with you and learn about your pet.  The questions we will ask help us learn all the wonderful details about your pet, your home/business decor, and your goals for the portrait.  Once we receive your response, we add your pet to our queue and will be able to confirm our estimated completion date. 


Pet Collage

Now is where the real fun begins.  We work with you, your photos, your pet, your paper selections, your color preferences, and your feedback.  As artists, we bring our experience and style to guide you through the entire process.


Pet Painting

After we have assembled the collage, your artist paints your pet to create an original piece of art with our trademark look and style.  Before we ship, we send you a preview of the work for your final approval.



Once we receive your final approval, we hand wrap the canvas for protection during shipping.  We also take care to indicate the fragile nature of the contents on the exterior of the packaging before we ship your order through an insured carrier.  Shipping costs reflect the care we take in packaging as well as the costs shippers charge for the unusual package dimensions.



Hang your portrait in your home or at your business for all to see.  We love getting photos showing where the portraits are hung along with the incredible gifts and thank you letters we receive!

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