Creating Customized Pet Portraits For An Everlasting Memory Of Your Favorite Pets 

Customer Reviews

"Our collage-a-pet of our English Bulldog, Roxy is so special to us. My husband knew I had ordered a portrait, but had no clue the detail it would consist of and how exact it would look. We were both blown away when Heather delivered our 36" x 36" of Roxy to us. She was so great to work with from start to finish. She customized it to be exactly what I wanted after talking on the phone about my vision for it. We have it displayed in our house now and it will soon be moved to be the focal point of our foyer. I would recommend Collage-a-pet to anyone and everyone--it is more than just a portrait. It is 3D and made from different texture papers and paint. We will always treasure this work of art! Thank you so much again, Heather!!!"
Natalie R.  TN

"Wonderful!! Love my two collage a pets! So beautiful and realistic! Such a great addition to our home! Highly recommend to any pet lovers!!"

Jessica L. Knox,TN

 "I absolutely love my Collage A Pet of my dog Austin. He pass away in February and I was completely heartbroken. Heather did such an amazing job and I amazed how she was able to capture his "essence". I can almost feel Austin's soul in his eyes every time I look at it. Thank you for creating a beautiful portrait of my sweet boy!"

Jennifer J. Nashville, TN







“My Collage-A-Pet of Manaze looks just like him. His
  eyes show off his sassiness!”      
  Heather W.  Knox, TN



   “Bubba is such a joy to have in my life. Everyday bubba fills my life with kisses and laughter. My favorite part about bubba is his crocked teeth. When Bubba shakes his body he shakes it so hard his lips get tucked under his teeth leaving him with the funniest under bite showing off his
 crocked teeth. Having a Collage-A-Pet of Bubba is such a conversation starter when I have friends over, everyone is amazed with how much it looks like him."
 Lucas S.  Syracuse, NY

"Beyond expectations! Collage-A-Pet perfectly captured the personality of our sweet kittie, and the choice of papers complimented the aesthetics of our home. It's a statement piece and always gets compliments from our friends and family."

Ashley P. Portland, Oregon

   “Sophie is a Shitzu/Bishon. She knows EVERYONE loves her and wants to hold her. She greets everyone at the door for lovin’. She wakes my boys up everyday by licking their faces. We consider it their morning bath. If you as me, it’s a little gross but the boys love it! That is why our favorite part of our Collage-A-Pet is the tongue. She is a huge part of our family, and Collage-A-Pet is a fun way to celebrate the joy that she brings to our lives.” 
     - McKay Family  Knox, TN





Pretzel the Cat
“Pretzel was my childhood cat that I had for 16 years. Pretzel was my buddy following me room-to-room and sleeping ON my head every night. Pretzel had the sweetest personality and was the kindest cat I have ever met. The first time I saw my Collage-A-Pet of Pretzel it made me cry. It was such an overwhelming since of his presence.The expression on his face was as if I was looking right at him!  As soon as my family saw the Collage-A-Pet of Pretzel they all said they wanted him.”
Elizabeth  Knox, TN


Mustard the Cat
   "Imagine being so hard to shop for that on your 57th birthday your family gives you a...
KITTEN named MUSTARD ! How did they know he would turn out to be the coolest, smartest, and most lovable cat we have ever had.   So how do they top that? Two years later, on my 59th while setting in the very same chair opening presents, I get this unusual wrapped box. When I opened it, I literally was more surprised to see what it was in it than
2 years before. TOTALY AMAZING! This time, I actually knew this cat. This was MUSTARD.. looking regal, cool, and in charge just like always. This Collage painting is absolutely beautiful. Now I'm not sure which I  love  the most - the painting or the cat."   
    - Randy Wolfe



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